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Find the Best Dental Insurance in Tampa, FL

Teeth and gum health is essential to overall health. But even twice-yearly visits to the dentist for checkups can add up financially if you don’t have benefits. We researched the best dental insurance in Tampa so you are covered, whether it’s for preventive care, oral surgery or anything in between.

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How to choose dental insurance in Tampa

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Getting routine dental care is just as important as going to a medical doctor for a physical, but millions of people across the U.S. with health insurance lack dental coverage.

Dental insurance in Tampa has many benefits:

  • Most plans cover preventive care 100 percent with no deductible, so you pay nothing out of pocket for routine checkups, cleanings or X-rays.
  • Insurers contract with dentists to provide services at discounted rates, which are passed on to you.
  • If you need treatments or procedures, they will cost less than if you don’t have insurance. You and the insurance company share the cost of fillings, emergency pain relief, extractions, crowns, root canals, periodontics, bridges, dentures and more.
  • Different coverage levels are available for all types of budgets and dental needs.

Dental insurance in Tampa functions similarly to health insurance. When looking at different plans, consider the importance of these factors:

  • Network of dentists: Can you visit any dentist or do you need to stay within the network? Health maintenance organization (HMO) plans work only if you see specific dentists. Preferred provider organization (PPO) plans have discounted rates for certain in-network dentists. Indemnity plans allow you to see the dentist of your choice.
  • Deductible: How much do you have to spend out of pocket before the insurance company contributes?
  • Coinsurance: After you meet the deductible, what percentage of costs do you pay for various services? Plans typically divide up services by class and have separate percentages for each. An HMO plan requires copayments, or fixed payment amounts, for services.
  • Annual maximum: Is there a maximum amount of benefits the insurance company will pay out in a calendar year?
  • Waiting period: How long is the waiting period for nonpreventive care? Most policies require waiting periods of six to 12 months before you can access benefits.
  • Exclusions and limitations: What is not covered under the plan?

Separate from dental insurance, dental savings plans are another option in Tampa. With a dental savings plan, you pay a monthly or annual fee and get discounted services at a network of dentists. There is no cost-sharing with a dental savings plan in Tampa; you pay 100 percent of the costs out of pocket.

How much is dental insurance in Tampa?

The cost of dental insurance in Tampa depends on your age, tobacco use and the amount of coverage you want. Plans are available for both individuals and multiple people.

A policy for a 40-year old who doesn’t use tobacco generally costs between $12 and $45 per month, while a family of four may spend $40 - $150.

Dental savings plans are usually less expensive than dental insurance in Tampa. Individuals pay between $80 and $200 per year to join, and families, $130 to $300.

Dental Insurance Reviews


1Dental.com offers two dental savings plans to Tampa residents. Each gives members access to discounts at over 100,000 experienced providers. Activate a membership in less than five minutes and start saving 15 - 60 percent on services right away. Applicants with all pre-existing dental conditions are accepted. Reviewers say 1Dental.com representatives are helpful answering questions and assisting with sign-up.



Individual and families can choose from over 20 dental discount plans in Tampa from DentalPlans.com. More than 100,000 dentists nationwide participate, discounting services 10 - 60 percent. There are no restrictions for pre-existing conditions, no annual limits on benefits and no waiting periods. According to reviews, many customers have experienced savings after signing up with DentalPlans.com.



UnitedHealthcare has dental insurance plans for customers of all budgets and needs. Benefits for preventive care are available immediately, with no deductible. Basic and major services benefits are included. Get a fast quote; you don’t need the company’s health insurance to get covered. Policyholders like the variety of plans to choose from and the breadth of coverage.